Panasonic RP-HC55E-S Wired Headphones (Silver, Canalphone)


Panasonic RP-HC55E-S Wired Headphones (Silver, Canalphone)

Noise cancelling Headphone. Canal Type, reduces outside noise by 88%. Canal type high-performance noise canceling insidephones reduces outside noise by 88% (18dB). Card holder foreasy use and clip to put on. Battery life approx 40hrs with AAA Alkaline. Compact carrying pouch and 2-pin plug adaptor for aircraft included Neodymium magnet which is 8 times stronger magnet power gives higher sensivity and wider frequency response. Frequency response 10Hz-20kHz.

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Headset Design

In the Ear

Brand Panasonic
Wired/Wireless Wired
Headphone Type Canalphone
Model ID RP-HC55E-S
Color Silver

Performance Features


103 ohm (Power On)

Frequency Response 10 – 20000 Hz


Headphone Jack

3.5 mm


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